The Professionalism

Professionalism: it is a word that is used a lot these days, often with great motivation.

I want to contribute by talking about what it means to me.

To me, professionalism is a way of life, a way of being.

The knowledge will never be sufficient if you don’t have great manners and a great respect for yourself and your own potential.

Nowadays, after so many years, I have realized that I must not downplay my potential so that others can appreciate it, but must instead show it in the most positive and objective way.

Because professionalism is also, and above all, the dignity of the person who provides his competence, his experience, and often his patience, to succeed in developing and realizing a project, an idea, an emotion.

That dignity that makes me bow my head in a sign of respect in front of those who do tiring manual labour, who with their professionalism allow us to do our daily work, that dignity that puts a smile on the faces of those who help people who are less well off or who are not self-sufficient, that dignity of the employees who silently often suffer and yet manage with their professionalism and ethics to realize and complete what they must.

In silence.

Without praising themselves.

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