The freedom to speak and the freedom to hear are inseparable; they are two sides of the same coin.

Wiply takes no position on whether a topic of discussions is “warranted” or not.

People have a right to non-violently protest a speaker, so long as the speaker is still allowed to be heard.

The answer to bad speech is more speech, and a peaceful protest is the quintessential example of more.

When you block a speaker from being heard, you prevent people from being able to thoughtfully engage with that person and work toward finding truth.

Such action is an outright denial of basic free speech principles, and an outright rejection of the purpose of communication.

Wiply enables speech around the world, allowing access to information and giving people of every kind and category new avenues to organize.

In some countries ruled by an authoritarian political regime, the ability to speak anonymously on the internet is a boon.

In places where expressing your opinion under your own name can be dangerous, the anonymity granted by Wiply allow free opinion and expression to survive.

Of course, free speech is not a panacea; and while some speech allows us to confront injustice, there are plenty of instances when our speech can perpetuate injustice and harm.

Wiply will have the role to act as a neutral platform in any debate or discussion, trying to keep it from degenerate in insults or free offence.

Wiply is home to a world of people, ideas, information and points of view