Ubertas Consulting – AWS Partner, helps Wiply to improve security standards


Amazon #AWS have a great partner program, built to create better synergies and to enhance and optimize the usage of the servers and the AWSome amount of options that Amazon Web Services offer!

Thanks to Damie Hassan from AWS UK, we had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with #Ubertas #Consulting.

An amazing professional and expert #consulting company, which we have had the great opportunity to know very well in the Well-Architected Review program, 4 days of immersive full experience in the AWS world, where they have bring us and dedicated their time to explain and improve Wiply system.

Ross Purdon, the #Senior #Architect is one of the most professional and full of knowledgment we even meet.

He has the patience to explain and answer the questions and then he have find the better services to suit the #social network needs and most important to improve to high standards the data security.

It is important nowadays to be very confident about personal #data #security and our goal it is to be one of the best companies in that field.

This mean we even need professional consultants like #Ubertas #Consulting because their professionalism and knowledgment help to improve everything, plus they can save lots of time otherwise need to spend in researches about the AWS ecosystem.

They are very into #AWS services and can help and guide you to find any answer to your questions.

This experience with Ubertas Consulting was amazing and very helpful, we ended the process in a more confident position having had our system updated in a secure robust and dynamic way.

A big thank you to Cathryn Cust and Ross Purdon for the help, the patience with non english native people and the high professionalism standards.

For sure we can’t forget to thanks Damie Hassan from AWS to have bring us in this fabulous world, where there is not only professionalism and business, but a true big family ready to help you to hit the roof.

Wiply have reach high standards, like Zero Carbon Emissions (which is a very important topic for us, and we will write more on next posts), high security levels for data, more fast and flexible servers.

All this thank you the incredible Amazon Family!

If you want to know more about Ubertas Consulting services and their skills you can visit their website

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