Why earth submarine fiber optic cable network are important?

A submarine cable is a fibre optic cable laid in the ocean, connecting two or more landing points. According to TeleGeography, there are 426 active submarine cables in the world. Rarely much wider than a garden hose, today's cables generally…

Ubertas Consulting – AWS Partner, helps Wiply to improve security standards

Amazon #AWS have a great partner program, built to create better synergies and to enhance and optimize the usage of the servers and the AWSome amount of options that Amazon Web Services offer! Thanks to Damie Hassan from AWS UK, we had…

Wiply Credits – A way to earn

Well finally people have begun to use WIPLY to earn credits to use inside!!! The "war" is begin! Who will earn the first badge?? https://wiply.net/credits/leaderboard

We have been selected as one of the best social networking companies/startups in Europe, by BestStartup.

At Wiply, we always work hard to help our users and customers grow their virtual experience by providing free and privacy-secure services. We are really excited to have been mentioned by BestStartup as one of the best social networking…

Open Lecture Social network 5.0: Hyper Social Networking in the Extended Reality Era

Open lecture on the use of virtual reality in smartphones, smart glasses / smartwatch mart accessories to create a smartcity integrated with social networks on services, business and culture.

Amazon Aws Activate program

We have been accepted to Amazon AWS Activate Portfolio Program!! Another exciting news!! We can increase the power of our servers and give better and more services!

We joined Cloudvisor big family

We are very glad to being part of this amazing company,  one of the best AWS Partners, lots of certifications AWS and great expertise in their products.

Wiply Corp OÜ is born

The new journey have begin! We are thrilled to start this new path together with you all!